Getting Exercise When You Have Youngsters To Tend To

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If you wish to start exercising to lose some weight, and you are the parent of young children, you may have struggled to find the time to dedicate to this endeavor. There are several options available in getting much-needed exercise, even when you have the responsibility of watching children. Here are some ideas to consider so you can boost your morale and lose some pounds with your children in tow.

Get Your Children Involved

Let your children in on the fun of exercising by including them in your sessions. There are several work-outs available online where you are able to use your child as a part of your workout. Doing leg-lifts with a child sitting on top of them or allowing a child to straddle your back as you do push-ups is a great way to make exercising exciting for children while giving you the added benefit of additional weight to increase muscle strength and diminish your waistline. Take walks with your children daily and explore new areas of the neighborhood together. Make these times out and about intriguing by searching for specific items scavenger hunt style or have your children mimic your movements with a game of "Simon Says" as you walk.

Join A Gym With Child Care

Many gym memberships have daycare services available on-site so parents can exercise while their children are in a safe atmosphere. Knowing your children are on the premises of the gym property will ease your mind as you undertake your exercising regimen. Look for a gym where the childcare portion of the facility has learning activities for your children to enjoy. This will give them something to look forward to when you decide to hop in your vehicle with them in tow to hit the gym. If you're in the Cincinnati area, the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is a great place to start.

Take Turns With Others

Speak up to friends and neighbors who also have children about your desire to start exercising. You may be surprised to find there are several others who wish to join you. If so, select one person's home to be the exercising location and have one person in your group watch the children while the others partake in exercising. Swapping babysitters every fifteen minutes or so will allow each person involved to get in a workout. The children will enjoy this type of exercising session as they will get to play with other children while having the benefit of having a new caretaker periodically to help in keeping them from becoming bored.