Are You Unhappy With Your Child's Public School Experience?

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Have you been frustrated with the way things are going at your child's public school? Perhaps you have realized that he or she is not receiving the individual attention that he or she needs to thrive at school. It may be that you are unhappy with the lack of discipline in the classroom. You might realize that the textbooks that are used are not following a curriculum of which you approve. For whatever reason that you are unhappy with your child's public school experience, you might be considering a totally different setting. You might be thinking of sending your child to a private school. 

Talk With Your Child -

Before you make any major educational changes for your son or daughter, think about sitting down to have a heart-to-heart talk with him or her. Help your child understand that you want the very best education possible for him or for her. 

  • You are probably already aware that it is going to be hard for your child to say goodbye to friends.
  • He or she might be sad about leaving teachers with whom he or she has formed a bond.
  • If your child is in extra-curricular activities, he or she might worry that there won't be something to replace them.
  • Your child might be concerned that he or she won't be able to keep up with new experiences.

A Private School Experience -

After you have selected the private education that you believe would serve your child's needs, ask the director if your child can come to visit the school. Ask the director to address concerns that your child might have.

  • The director might have some of the school kids give your child a tour of the school.
  • Try to arrange meetings with teachers in his or her favorite classes before making the transition.
  • Find out which extra-curricular activities are offered and meet the teachers that lead them.
  • Find out what kind of help is offered when your child needs extra tutoring.

At a private school, your child will more than likely be in smaller classes than he or she was in at public school. There might be higher expectations, but teachers and other staff members will be there to help your child to advance. Also, remind your child that he or she can still keep in close touch with friends that he or she made at his or her last school.